NP++ v7.3.3 support for windows mapped drives seems broken.

  • I upgraded my NP++ from 7.2.2 to 7.3.3 and i find that it does not recognize files on mapped drive(say z:) . However it does open files by complete path to shared file.Even the open file dialog does not list the mapped drive as available.

  • I am using 64 bit NP++…somewhere in other discussion on the forum i found people blaming notepad replacer plugin…However i am using 64 bit NP++ and i guess that plugin is 32 bit only.

  • @Hardeep-Parmar

    Could it be that you run into the elevation problem?
    Meaning the hare was mapped with a different account or elevation level as npp is running?
    With complete path, do you mean unc path like \server\share\file.txt or by using the drive letter
    like z:\folder\file.txt?


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