Explore context menu call to NPP no longer opens the selected file

  • In explorer, the right-click provided context-menu shows Edit with Notepad++ and selecting that does switch the focus to NPP, but it doesn’t open the file in question in NPP. This is regardless of the file’s extension. (I’ve seen some people talking about being unable to open .TXT files–this is wider than that.)
    I tried renaming the APPDATA/Roaming NPP folder and did get a fresh NPP folder but that had the same problem.

    STRANGELY, if I don’t have NPP open, there’s no problem.

  • Which version of n++ and windows? 32 or 64bit and did you switch between 32 and 64 bit?

    Could you provide the data from ? -> Debug Info

  • I’m using win 7 32 bit with NPP 6.6.7
    Debug Info not showing under ? (but I’ve seen it there before)

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