How do I connect local files to server?

  • I’m new to Notepad++, former Dreamweaver user. With Dreamweaver, I could connect my remote folders to a local copy. I’d open the local copy, make my changes, and then hit ‘upload’. I could also see remote and local files in split-screen view and just drag and drop.
    I’ve tried to google this, and found info on using NppFTP (which I have and it’s working to FTP), go to the Cache tab, use the local path box to … to the local path. I’ve done that, but it doesn’t want to add the info to the Profile cache maps, and if I just ‘close’, my path is gone the next time I look.
    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
    I appreciate any help.

  • NppFTP works fine with me. It allows you to edit a remote file. Forget the local cache, NppFTP will manage it for you.

  • Maybe if I explain what exactly I tried to do, someone can point me in the right direction: I edited some images on my local computer that I saved in my website’s local copy. When I had Dreamweaver, I had it set up that I could just go into the local folder, pic my images, and upload them, and they’d go to the mirror server-side site. How would I get my locally saved images or files to the server?

  • NppFTP may not fit your needs. it works well only for text files.

  • Ok, so if NppFTP doesn’t work for what I want to do, is there anything that does?

  • you can try winscp, or rsync …

  • @Andrea-Barnett

    I have found WinSCP (mentioned by cmeriaux above) to be very easy to use. You can even configure it to let you edit files on the server using Notepad++ on your local machine!

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