Forced to save scratch file in 7.3.3

  • Previously, I would have the ‘new 1’ (and/or ‘new 2’ and/or ‘new 3’) files all with some data in them that I hadn’t saved to a specific disk location. If npp was closed, there would be no ‘Save’ prompt and when npp was re-opened, the temp files would reappear.

    Only if a specific document (e.g. ‘new 2’) was closed would I get a Save prompt and be in peril of losing the data

    Now, npp cannot be closed without Save prompts for all new files with data. I am not a fan of the change.

    Is this part the new session functionality? I see it alluded to nowhere.

  • Also wondering about this. The old behavior was a wonderful feature for me. Not a fan of this change, either.

  • Issue doesn’t happen to me with 7.3.3. I still can close n++ without saving new modified files in WIN10.

  • I was experiencing the same issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled from the latest download (my previous version was auto “updated” to 7.3.3) and that fixed it. New unsaved tabs no longer ask to be saved when I close the window.

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