Can notepad++ be used for analyzing equivalences between 2 different C libraries?

  • I am trying to port some software from gnu/linux to some gnu based hobby os.

    In the system that i wish to run things, i have no x11, but a different video system wich has its own buttons, bars, background, etc and it has it’s own manner of generating video, away from x11.

    Happens that i actually wish to add it some stuff that comes with libs that talks directly to x11, to deal with its limitations and problems, that doesn’t exist at all where i work on. However, i have to replace the x11 talking stuff to get it talking with the video system i have, so i may have to replace x11 calls for drawing buttons, bars, etc to use the existing ones.

    Does exist any manner in notepad++ to get it analyzing both sides of this and let me see the similarities and differences of each part i want to join together so i can get a pdf that could serve as guide for getting this job succesfully started?

    If Notepad++ is not what i look for, could you please tell me about any suitable tool for a job like this?

  • The Compare Plugin can show the differences between two files – it’s a line-by-line comparision, similar to the linux diff tool. I don’t know if that’s sufficient for you, or whether you were expecting more “expert knowledge” embedded in this hypothetical comparison-tool.

    (If you don’t see Plugins > Compare, you may need to install a new copy of the Compare Plugin – easy enough to do thru the Plugins > Plugin Manager)

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