Issue organizing tabs

  • I’ve been using notepad ++ for years on multiple computers. I updated to 7.3.3 (although this could be unrelated) and I now can no longer organize my tabs. Also when I open up Window->Windows the sort tabs button is greyed out. Also I am no longer able to create a new file and close it without saving it. Any thoughts what it could be? Is there some setting in notepad++ that I need to look for to make sure these functions are enabled? Is there the possibility that security/encryption software could be interfering with these features?

  • I am having the same problem. Also, I used to be able to drag a tab outside the window and create a new one. Basically, dragging of tabs is not working.

  • @gerdejr , @Sven-Myrin Hi, for navigation between tabs I could recommend NavigateTo

  • @gerdejr Multi-line enabled? If so, then use the one I posted here until 7.3.4 is released.

  • Multiline is enabled. I’m also having the same issue that Sven Myrin is having where I used to be able to drag and drop a tab to create a new instance, drag and drop between instances, or drag and drop between split views and those no longer work either. As best as I can tell, this occurred when I upgraded to v7.3.3. I haven’t had a chance to go back to the previous version though and I wasn’t sure if there was a new option or a change in the default value in an option that may have caused this.

  • I was doing some more testing. It appears that multiline tabs may no longer support drag and drop tab organization. My guess would be because it could be finicky when trying to move the tab between lines. Would it be possible to get the option for drag and drop tabs on multiline put back in? Is there a better place to post for this request?

  • @gerdejr The dragging issue was fixed and it was already added back in the next version. You have to use the binary I posted if you don’t want to wait for next release.

  • Sorry about that. I missed it in your previous post even though looking back it should have been obvious. Good to see it’s been added back in. Thanks for the help.

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