Error When Opening Any .js File

  • I’m trying to switch IDEs from Monodevelop to Notepad++ for use with Unity for my game development. But when I try to open a .js file made in Monodevelop using Unityscript (Unity’s version of Javascript), I get the error “Session file is either corrupted or invalid”. Is this because it’s not true Javascript, as I’ve said, it is actually Unityscript? Either way, .js is a text file, so it should be able to open it, right?

    I’ve tried setting the language to Javascript and that changes nothing. I’ve reinstalled the latest version of N++ and have tried other file formats. It only happens with .js files.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Under Settings > Preferences > Misc. make sure “session file ext” is not set to “js”

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