Same old bugs

  • I love NP++ but the last few updates have totally messed things up. This time, after updating, the Plugin Manager said that it needed to be updated. So I let it update itself. The PLugin Manager no longer worked after that. I looked here and found a thread that said to delete the Roaming/Notepad++ folder. That didn’t help, so I completely uninstalled NP++ and reinstalled it (losing all my settings). After reinstalling version 7.3.3, I again ran into the same old issues:

    1. The function list is empty when viewing .js files
    2. JSLint doesn’t work (“JSLint can operate only on JavaScript, HTML or CSS files”)
    3. Plugin Manager is still asking to be updated (I am refusing to do so)

    Why haven’t these old and new issues been addressed on a completely new installation?

  • See, should be fixed on server side for the meantime.

  • and v1.4.6 of PM should address the update issue 3.

  • Yes! The new update to PluginManager 1.4.6 fixes that problem. Manually updating JSLint to fixes it, too. That update is from last August, so why isn’t it updated by PluginManager?

    That leaves the functionlist/js bug.

  • @gary-w
    Remember this?

  • Yes, I remember, but why is this still broken in a clean install several versions later?

  • Jslint should have been updated by the author. Last update to 0.8.1 on the pluginlist is from 2013-02-17 11:05:36.
    Also 0.8.3 was published on 2015-11-26, which seems to be not in the repo at I will write an email to Martin to check if it is ok for him to update the revision on the pluginlist.

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