Force a page break during printing

  • Hey, Team,

    In the old days, (EDT/TPU on a VAX) I could insert a ^L in a text file (ACII 12, FormFeed), and when the file printed, that character would force a page break.

    Does NP++ have functionality by which I can force a new page during printing when i want one?

    This is a line in the middle of a page.
    This is the first line of a new page.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I don’t think it does, since it doesn’t show any option for that. Inserting a Page Break like in MS Word would be very useful for printing though.

  • I figured out how to get an FF into my document, but the print action does not behave as expected (yet).

    The Edit->Character Panel menu option displays an ASCII chart on the right-hand edge of the NP++ window.
    Double-clicking on the FF row in the Character Panel (12 0C FF) will appear to insert a Form Feed character at the current cursor position.
    You see a white FF on a black background.

    Unfortunately, when that character is printed, you see the white FF on the black background, the appearance of the Form Feed Character, rather than the new page, the action of the Form Feed character.

    It’s a step in the right direction. I will explore the Print… preferences now to see if I can get my desired result.

  • I don’t see anything obvious in the Print preferences that will “print” the FF as an actual form feed rather than a white FF on a black background. Any ideas?

    I agree that many characters of ASCII < 32 should be “masked” during printing, and appear as, say “NUL”, or “BEL”, rather than an actual NUL character or an audible bell. But FF (ASCII 12), like TAB (ASCII 9), is a legitimate formatting character. There may be times when I want that printed as a white FF on a black background, but there should be an option I can set, or toggle just before printing, to see a page break in my printed document, rather than the black mask for the FF.

    Thanks for reading.


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