Trying to completely remove notepad++

  • Hello,

    I have odd problems while trying to update notepad++ plugins, so I tried to uninstall and install again Notepad++. It seems Notepad++ did not forget many things such as my current session. I’d like to know which files and registry entries I have to delete after uninstalling Notepad++, so I can try installing again and check if this solved my problem.

    Many thanks to those who will help me.

  • see and the fixed issue, maybe your issue with plugin manager is fixed already, if it was not just an issue with a specific plugin.

    Under %appdata%\Roaming\Notepad++ is probably some persistent data. This depends on the install mode of N++ (single user or all users) and the windows version. Maybe you could sharesome data N++ version used, Win version, plugins.

  • Sorry, I am watching my topics but I don’t see where I get any notification or mail… Thanks for trying to help me.

    I accidentally tried to update plugins with my non administrator user, and I still have pending actions for plugin manager with this user (but none with the administrator user). Where could I manually remove the flags so I don’t get this dialog box each time I run N++?

    I think I did a all users install, I am using Windows Seven.

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