File tabs not movable with mouse

  • I just found out that I can’t move file tabs with the mouse anymore. I can’t either change the order of the tabs inside of a window nor pull a tab out of the window in order to create a new window.

    It still works when I open N++ as administrator.
    All open files are saved. I closed them all and re-opened.
    The setting ‘Tabs not movable with mouse’ has been deactived all the time.
    Moving to another window still works per command.
    I checked the xml-files in the AppData and the program folder.
    Windows 7, N++ 7.3.3 Build time Mar 8, 2017

    Is the any place where to look?

  • Found it myself. ‘Multiline’ was activated.

  • @Daniel-Scholten The next version of NPP has moveable tabs in multiline. You can grab a snapshot build here if you’d like to use it now.

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