Help manual or Web site

  • Hi all,

    Is there any help for Notepad++.
    Either as a PDF file, a CHM file or a web site.

    Thanks for your answer.


  • In my installation:


  • Thanks for your answer, but I haven’t the user.manual folder (onlu Localization, plugons and updater sub folders).

    Nothing at all in Program Data and no such a folder in Users ?!?!?!

  • I’ve checked the Installer Package (in case of). I’ve taken this one (Notepad++ Installer 32-bit x86) as nothing is mentionned about help package and reinstall it (without uninstall).

    I have leaved checked (or unchecked) the defaults (but seen noting about help). But this is the same tree in install directories.

    I own Windows 7 Pro.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I’ve made a complete pdf of the version that appears to be the current documentation in the install dir.
    It’s from 2014, according to the folder creation date. I have no idea from which version of NPP this is from.

    I’ve uploaded it to one of my web spaces.
    To save it, right-click on file name and use the context menu to save it to a location on your device.

  • Thanks very much.
    But it could be interesting to know if it has disappeared of the new issues as I’ve reinstalled my PC about one month ago.

  • I just checked an older device, the folder is from 2013 but NPP is the current version.
    Since the docu is so old an no one maintains it, it is likely that @donho no longer includes it in the newer version releases.

    This could be a project for an enthusiast…

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