Auto guide for CSS properties

  • Hello im quite new to coding just need some help on how to use notepad ++

    Ive seen some videos with people coding and when the put in the CSS properties like below they have a list for them too choose from? for example border-style: they list will appear for them to choose after the put the properties in notepadd ++. how do i do that?


  • The feature is called Auto-Completion, but it’s not to be trusted due its bizarre implementation. It won’t list valid CSS values, instead it seems to just show whatever random rubbish it finds in the document.

    Example here: (if someone can explain this auto-completion list, I’m listening)

    Notepad++ doesn’t come even close to listing valid CSS properties. This and the syntax highlighter issues are the worst problems of Notepad++, eg. it doesn’t even discriminate between constants and function words in PHP.

  • ohh okay thank you. then it must be a different software that person is using. i think its called Brackets for mac. will brackets be able to do that?

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