Notepad++ formatting issue

  • Hello people of Notepad++

    I have been having this issue with Notepad++ and I’m not sure what it is and how to put it in words but that’s why I have screenshots!
    I have put BOTH files into a YAML checker and they both turned out fine with 0 errors. I have this issue when I copy and paste something from a website to the notepad++ file.

    I don’t know if this is a setting or what but its really annoying.


  • Anyone?

  • Based on the red rectangles in the linked screen dumps I presume your trying to tell us you are wondering why the code-folding margin is empty for the second file (messages.yml).

    I don’t know how exactly the code-folding is implemented for the YAML lexer but I see a lot of differences between the contents of the two files that might be of influence.
    Can you provide a link to the files for a closer look?

  • Well I fixed this issue.

    The issue was that the double spaces where not spaces they where blank areas causing notepad++ not to read them.

    So I replaced the blank areas with real spaces.

  • Great!

    FYI N++ can make these whitespace differences easier to detect by enabling View > Show Symbol > Show White Space and Tab.

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