Can Notepad++ access SQL database?

  • good day,

    ok please help me with this problem.

    Let say now I had to create a company database by using SQL. Then, my boss ask me to create something like website where his staff can login and key in data/update. Where each off the staff will have an ID & Password. I was planning on using Notepad++ (HTML language) to create the interface since it is easier, and i planned to put a button where my boss can view all the update which is key in/updated by staff.
    the question is, is it possible for notepad++ to be link with sql database and access all the information. Can Notepad++ run SQL code?

    if cannot, can you please suggest which is the best & not to complicated software (in other word-easy) to be used with SQL in creating a website/server.

    Thank you very much.

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