Compare plugin shell integration

  • Hi, I like the compare plugin functionality in Notepad++ but I’m using it by opening two files and then choosing Plugins --> Compare -> Compare.

    Is there any way to add shell integration to the compare plugin so that I can select two files in Windows Explorer and choose “Send to” to directly launch the Compare plugin within Notepad++ ?

    I’m using Win 10, Notepad++ v6.5.1 and Compare version I cannot upgrade beyond these versions as updates are controlled by my employer,

    Thanks for your help.

  • @Adam-Bartlett

    Could be made working with some tweaks.
    My idea would involve nppexec plugin and two versions
    of NppExec.ini file because NppExec can be configured to run Compare
    on notepad++ startup.

    Basically, one NppExec.ini is configured with something like


    and the other with default settings.
    You create a batch file which gets executed when clicking the explorer context menu entry.
    The batch file itself renames the default NppExec.ini to something like NppExec.ini.default
    and the special one from, let’s say NppExec.ini_compare to NppExec.ini .
    Then it starts npp exec with the parameter to open the two files and afterwards
    renames the NppExec.inis back to default. Should work, I guess.

    Don’t have windows - so can’t really test.