Using Notepad++ on remote desktop sessions is SUPER slow

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m using Notepad++ and I found an interesting behavior/bug.

    When I use Notepad++ in a RDP (Remote Desktop) session, the text manipulation is extremely slow.


    • When pasting text with CTRL+V (keeping CTRL+V pressed), I need to wait a few seconds for the last paste be completed (after line 20, say) and text finally rendered on screen.
    • When simply typing text, there’s a huge delay between my typing and the text being rendered on screen.

    I don’t have any issues like this using Sublime Text or MS Word. Text typed in those apps during a RDP session renders just fine, fast.

    I saw just one post about this, and there was absolutely no reply to it.

  • @MuTLY

    I used npp via rdp in the past a lot but did discover that behavior.
    First thing I would try is to run npp bare minimum, without any plugin,
    to see if this is really related to npp or a plugin.


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