Wasn't there a "sort" plugin

  • Wasn’t there a “sort” plugin? I somehow remeber about it.

    I dind’t find it today in available plugin list.



  • Yes, there once was a sort plugin called “SortPlugin”.
    It was an “ANSI only” plugin and therefore is no longer compatible with present “Unicode only” Notepad++.

    You could try Notepad++'s build-in sort, see bottom half of the Edit > Line Operations menu.

  • Also, if you’re using the 32-bit version of Notepad++, the TextFX plugin also has some sorting capability in the TextFX (menu) -> TextFX Tools

  • oh yes, “TextFX” it is.

    I had used it years earlier, and now when I needed that again, couldn’t figure out from plugin manager list that TextFX is for sorting. Peculiar names they put.


  • @V-S-Rawat

    Well, sorting is just one of a large number of things TextFX does, so if it had “sort” in its name it wouldn’t make much sense. In a broader view, it provides all sorts of different “text effects” (which I encourage you to look through to note valuable features for later use)…now do you understand the name? :-D

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