Move to next word (ctrl+left / right) behaves strangly since 7.3.1

  • Since 7.3.1 ctrl+rigth / left do not behave as in older versions.

    Take for example this line:
    Windows XP Professional (ITA + ENG)
    In v7.3.0 NPP jumps from Windows to XP to Professional To ( to + to ENG to )
    In v7.3.3 NPP jumps to ( then to )

    Take this line:
    asdfasdf asdf asd fas dfas dfasd fasdfasdf
    v7.3.0 jumps nicley from each single word (seperated by space) to the next.

    v7.3.1 jumps directly to the line end.

    Ive tried to add “blank” to the “Delimiter” option but with no avail.

    Therefore I reverted back to v7.3

    any ideas?

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