Random file associations

  • I installed a clean copy of Notepad++ 7.3.3 on Windows 10. When I opened the Preferences for the first time, there were no file associations listed. I added a few using the File Associations preferences dialog. Later, when I opened Notepad++ and looked at the File Associations, there were now many file associations that I did not add and that were not appropriate. I uninstalled everything and reinstalled. I repeated the process and the same thing happened.

    I now have a lot of crazy file associations in Notepad++, including .cur, .pic, .pict, .pkf, .pkgdef, .XOML, .inlx, and more.

    If I remove any of these associations from Notepad++'s File Associations dialog, then close Notepad++ and reopen it, the associations that I deleted are still there.

    Is this a Notepad++ bug?

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