Is there an easy way to organize all of my NPP tabs?

  • Let’s say I have 100+ files in NPP open. Is there an easy way to manage, sort or organize them?

  • @Shaun-Roselt Yes, there are several ways to sort tabs.

    Assuming Npp 7.3.3, you will need to replace the binary with the one I posted here or wait until Npp 7.3.4 is released.

    Required: Settings->Preferences->General->Uncheck “Lock (no drag and drop)”
    Recommended: Settings->Preferences->General->Check “Multi-line”

    • Select the desired tab and then hold shift while scrolling mousewheel
    • Left click a tab and then drag it where you want it.
    • Window->Windows…->Sort tabs (not presently available(?))

  • Okay thank you. I think I will wait for 7.3.4 and then update to it.

    What I would like is to be able to basically have different tabs with a name I gave for that tab and then when I click on the tab it basically gives me a dropdown menu with all the files I added to that tab.

    Or even the ability to simply have a folder as a tab with the files within the folder as dropdown items.

  • Settings>Preferences>Document List Panel Pane - Check Show.

    This will add the very useful Document list to the left hand side of your NPP instance. You can sort the open documents by name or extension.

    View > Folder as Workspace > right click, select Add, Add your project folders.

    This will add a pane that will allow you to open any file from a sorted list based on it’s root directory. As I keep my projects in separate folders this is very handy.

  • Erm, you use Window->Windows…->Sort tabs by clicking “Name”, “Path”, or “Type” and then the “Sort tabs” button will be available.

    To be more accurate, the List Panel is located at Settings>Preferences>General>Document List Panel>Check “Show”

    With Folder Workspace, it’s a very nice feature indeed.

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