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  • Hello to all,

    I have several regular text files opened in Notepad++ and I want to search all of them for some word. I click on Find in the Search menu and the Find window opens. I write the word in the “Find what :” box, I click in the “Find All in All Opened Documents” button, and the search results for all files are displayed in a new “Find result” window that opens in the lower part of Notepad++. All OK for now.

    Now I want to copy some text in the “Find result” window. I select the text with the mouse, I right click to copy, and then I right click to paste in some other location. But what is pasted is the entire line and not the text that I highlighted with the mouse. Is there a way to copy only the selected text?

    This worked fine in a much older version of Notepad++, but since I updated to v7.3.3 I can only copy the entire line and not the highlighted text.
    Copying text directly from the file (and not from the “Find result” window) works well.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  • @Nuno-Anjos

    Instead of using the right-click -> Copy method after selecting your desired text, simply press the Ctrl+C shortcut.

    If you don’t want the line-number information in your copy, start your selection with the mouse after the : character following the line number while holding down the Alt key.

    This isn’t quite ideal when copying from more than one line in the Find-result panel, but usually it is workable.

    More info about the differences between the right-click mouse copy versus the keyboard shortcut copy is found here:

  • Yes, the Ctrl+C shortcut does what I want
    Many thanks for your reply!

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