To add 'Virtual Spaces' or 'Cursor Beyond End-of-Line' option

  • I previously used an editor as part of an IDE that included the ability to move the cursor ‘Beyond End-of-Line’, also referred to as ‘Virtual Spaces’, and got so used to it that I now enable it full time when using Notepad++.

    It allows the cursor to scroll sideways without limit and up and down vertically without always jumping back to the last character of every line. It also allows any character to be placed at any position without having to add spaces or tabs to move beyond the line end.

    There a couple of ways to do this but both require the use of a plugin.

    I have requested that this option be added to the Editor Settings in the Project Page, and if someone can do this it would be the best solution and greatly appreciated, but until then, those looking to add or try this option via a plugin here is the procedure.

    To Enable ‘Virtual Space’ with a Python Script:

    Install Python Script Plugin

    • Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager -> [Available]
    • Tick ‘Python Script’ and [install]

    Select ‘Virtual Space’ script

    • Plugins -> Python Script -> Configuration
    • Select (Machine Scripts)
    • Expand [+]Samples
    • Select ‘Enable Virtual Space’
    • click [Add] to ‘Menu Items’

    Place Icon on Task bar

    • also click [Add] to ‘Toolbar icons’
    • and [OK]
    • Shutdown Notepad++ and restart

    The Python icon should now be visible at the right end of the Toolbar.
    Click the icon and now you should have enabled ‘Virtual Spaces’ and have free cursor movement.
    It is also very easy to add the ‘Disable Virtual Space’ icon to allow ‘Virtual Space’ to be turned ON or OFF
    Just follow the Place Icon sequence above but choose ‘Disable Virtual Space’ etc

    I also use the ‘Left cursor Movement to Stop at Left Margin’ Python Script I requested recently so I already have the Python Plugin installed. If you don’t, or you just prefer, there is an an alternative method for enabling ‘Virtual Spaces’ using the NppExec plugin.

    This method will implement the ‘Virtual Spaces’ option permanently.

  • Minor correction, the title ‘Place Icon on Task Bar’ should read Toolbar.

    Note: An easy way to display the script is
    Plugins -> Python Script -> [Control] plus left click select ‘Enable Virtual Space’

  • I wrote a plugin that can do that (and some other things). Its name is ExtSettings. You can download it >>> here <<<. It will also be available soon via PluginsAdmin.

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