How to edit Row Numbering Column width ?

  • Guys, the question is simple but for some reason it wasn’t answered in 10 years or so backing to a sourceforge link I found searching it with no success.
    How can I change the width of the Row Numbering Column ?

    I searched it all over any single option in Notepad++ with no success.

    I’ve seen in somewhere that I will need to work with Scintilla to do that. Is that true ?
    Anyone with a good link to indicate ?

    I know that must be a reason for that width like (bookmarks or something relationed) but I don’t write codes with more than 1000’s lines so I really believe that in my case I can reduce it’s width.

    Ps.: Another anoying thing is that after trying to fill 1000’s of lines to see its behaviour (like adding 1 character and pushing all lines 1 character to the right), now every time I create a new doc it fills an extra column right in the beginning of the line where I am not be able to write.

    I appreciate any help guys, this is driving me crazy. Really !

  • @Felipe-Martin

    the scintilla control, the area in which you really type, provides 5, so called, margins.
    Margins are the the area with the numbers displayed, the folding area or the area which
    containing the bookmark signs.

    Every margin can be configured independently if you use a plugin which exposes the scintilla features.
    Plugins like Python script, lua script, nppexec … and notepad++ (although it doesn’t provide all features to be modified).

    Lexers, like the one which can be selected from the language menu, do also modify the margins
    to their benefit. So one lexer might show a folding margin whereas another doesn’t.

    That makes it a little bit difficult to reconfigure the margins to your need because
    it might get overwritten once you select a new/different language.

    If you still want to try out how it works and if it can be modified to your needs and you have
    already one of the mentioned plugins installed let me know.