N++ overwrote and destroyed my file

  • I was writing something and took a break, the file was saved and the N++ window was open. I get back to the computer and I write some more and hit ctrl+s and N++ says it can’t save the file and do I want to run notepad as administrator. I say yes, then he says the file has been changed, do I want to reload it from the HDD, I say yes, boom, this huge very important text file is empty.

    I try to open it with wordpad, empty.

    How can I get my file back?

  • @Tin-Kosic

    This kind of problem seems to be occasional given the postings from various people on this forum. Until it is definitively fixed, I recommend making a manual backup of your important data on an regular basis. Even AFTER it is fixed I would recommend that as a “best practice”.

    It seems as data loss has burned you before: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/13670/recovering-unsaved-file . Please, for your own sake, institute some sort of backup procedures for your valuable data! Good luck.

  • Is there anything I can do given that I’ve not yet closed Notepad++? Is it possible it still has the file saved somewhere in cache or working memory?

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