Problems with Plugin Manager

  • I tried to update plugins using Plugin Manager. When starting Notepad++ I have the following popup:

    Notepad++ Plugin Manager

    There are still some pending actions to complete installing or removing some plugins. Would you like to do these now (Notepad++ will be restarted)?

    Oui Non

    If I click “Oui” Iget this warning:

    Plugin Manager GPUP.EXE Version

    The external plugin updater (gpup.exe) under the updater directory does not appear to be the correct version. It will most likely work, but you should reinstall the plugin manager at your next opportunity to ensure full functionality. We’ll attempt to use the current version for this operation.


    Then I click “ok” and get:


    gpup a cessé de fonctionner

    Windows peut rechercher une solution au problème en ligne.

    => Rechercher une solution en ligne et fermer le programme

    => Fermer le programme

    Uninstalling Notepad++ did not solve the problem.
    Anybody has an idea about what to do to solve this?

  • Manually update the plugin manager from, there were some fixes for problems with the PM version 1.3.5 bundled with N++.

    Description on installation:

  • Sorry, I am watching my topics but I don’t see where I get any notification or mail… Thanks for trying to help me. (I don’t know what, I believe I already told you this somewhere…)

    I updated PM as you suggested, this solved my problem but I have another one. I try to install the TextFX plugin, but I get an error after clicking “Install”. Actually I get the same error when trying to add many plugins I tried to add: “Installation of xxxx failed.”

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