improments about Notepad++' font

  • Notepad++ is very good. Thank you for developing notepad++. well, I have some sugguestion for Notepad++'s settings about font.
    I think Notepad++ could add a secondary font to support the first font doesn’t support.
    The suggested feature is similar to inteliJ IDEA’s settings( editor > colors & fonts > font)
    May the Notepad++'s official could think about it. Thank you!

  • @王健

    what do you mean?
    Using different fonts in the same document like this?


  • Banned

    @Claudia Frank:

    You do that in Photoshop, right? That’s exactly what the OP wanted!!!

    So, you select the text where you want to change the font… voilà! Photoshop does it!

    What are the procedures in Notepad++ for changing the font in the same document… going back and forth in ‘Style configurator’ (if that would ever work)?

    Ion Saliu
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