Replacing space with backspace on blank line

  • Hi all,
    I would like to know how to replace space with new line on the blank lines without affecting the line with the texts in notepad++.

    for example:
    line 1 has space in between 00B028707F and 0DB8.
    line 2 and 4 is empty but there is space character at the beginning of the line.
    I want to remove the space at the line 2 and line 4 and replace with backspace character.
    I need to do this on thousands over line.

    line1: 00B028707F 0DB8
    line3: 0058B51806 08FA
    line5: 00D3C5DD15 03BB

  • @aung-myat

    I’m thinking that you don’t really want to replace this space with a literal backspace character, but rather to simply delete it?

    If so, probably the simplest thing to do is trim spaces. See Edit menu, then Blank Operations and choose Trim Leading Space.

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