Creating BBCode User-Defined Language - Help understanding format?

  • I’m currently trying to set up a User-Defined Language for BBCode to help me work with a forum through Notepad++. I’ve been fiddling with the settings in Notepad++ trying to replicate features offered with default languages such as HTML, but I suppose I have yet to reach the comprehension required for that.

    I know all the tags I want it to highlight. This variant of BBCode uses the [QUOTE=""] format for parameters. Lists use [list=A] type syntax, with list elements prefixed with [*]. If anyone could help me figure out how to make this work with collapsing and click-to-highlight-open/close tags, I’d appreciate it. Even if you just point me in the right direction for how to properly accomplish this.

  • This is what I have so far. It almost works, but normal words are highlighted and some of the = syntax whereas " marks are omitted aren’t recognized. I figured a way to make them recognized, but capping them with ] means that that part gets colored, too. I’d also really like that feature where I could click one tag and the other, associated tag highlights, but I get the sense that isn’t possible with User-Defined languages.

  • Take a look at, it may be help you