Notepad++ no longer saves temp files

  • When I first installed Notepad++, I had the ability to create a new document tab and use it as a temporary holder. This was handy if I was in the middle of something but had to reboot or something and didn’t want to lose text, but didn’t really want to save it either. All of a sudden, this functionality no longer seems to work. Every time I close I get prompted to save any modified documents. Is there an option somewhere that got changed or do you have any idea what might be causing this?

  • @Eric-S33

    looks like your backup settings aren’t set.

    Settings->Preferences->Backup and enable session snapshot and periodic backup.


  • I’m not sure how that setting got turned off, but turning it back on corrected my issue. Thanks.

  • Hi Claudia,
    I have the same issue and i verified that the backup setup is present
    i have also the flag on “remember session on…” but i can’t save the session :(
    any suggestion?

  • I’ve noticed that if you have Multi-Instance turned on, the Backup feature only works on the first instance opened. For additional instances, you need to save/backup the files manually. Is this the issue?

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