What about command line for comparing files ?

  • as usual: notepad++ <options> <file1> <file2> ,

    with key like “binary”, “exit after first mismatch”, “exit after comparing”, Comparison Exit Codes…


  • I understand where you’re coming from, because I use the Compare plugin extensively in Notepad++. However, the program is primarily an editing tool, not a comparison tool. I suppose you could put in an enhancement request, but IMHO (I am not a Notepad++ developer), I doubt it would be given high priority.

    A couple of programs that I have used for comparison of files in Windows include KDiff3 and WinMerge. I believe both of these programs have a command-line launcher to compare files. If you’re using Mac or Linux, or want other options, a Google search of file comparison software will bring up many options, including reviews and Wikipedia’s Comparison of file comparison tools page. Notepad++ Compare plugin appears in the search, but I don’t see command-line functionality for file comparison in its feature set any time soon.

    • Glenn

  • Hi, Glenn.
    It was just my suggestion for the Notepad++. Especially since one of the authors of Notepad++ already wrote a utility (https://sourceforge.net/projects/bincmp), corresponding to my request (command line comparator of binary files >4Gb).
    Thanks for the informative answer.

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