Dot as separator

  • I set up the syntax highlighting of numbers with a decimal point. The numbers with the dot are highlighted correctly:
    But the problem arises if I want to highlight the word I need, in this case PYCIRCLEOBJECT_RAD. Here’s the line of code:
    Data.SetReal (c4d.PYCIRCLEOBJECT_RAD, 200.0)
    I put this word in the first group:
    It is not highlighted, because to the left of it there is a point, and I have already placed a comma in the operators.
    But if I place a period in the operators, then the word is highlighted, but the numbers are not displayed correctly.

    How can I make it so that the word is backed up and the numbers with a period?

  • @Aleksei-Samov

    not sure if this is a possible solution but
    what if you define a delimiter with


    and allow nesting with keywords and numbers and additional delimiters if needed?


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