Is the Community search feature broken?

  • I tried to search posts for a simple text pattern, langs, and I got many many results. But when I open many of the resulting hits and tried to locate the “langs” text, I could not (it does not appear anywhere in the posts).

    Any idea why posts show in the results that do not meet the search criterion?

  • @Jim-Dailey
    Hello Jim,

    to be honest I don’t understand how it works at all
    and to be even more honest, I use duckduckgo/google etc…
    limiting search to the community web site address and do searches.


  • I’d also add that the NodeBB site has a lot of reports about broken searches, but since we don’t know what search plugin this site uses, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. But I would agree with Jim, the site search is very broken. Searching “langs” in the title only, you get things like “links” or “long”. I’ll take a page from Claudia’s book and use a search engine, but that won’t help with random people coming here to search for issues and then promptly giving up and putting in duplicate posts.

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