Issue #3316 can anyone else reproduce.

  • Hi,
    I have submitted a bug report but am wondering if anyone else can reproduce what I am seeing.

    It is issue #3316 Lost text when printing long lines.

    The basic issue is that if you print a document with very long lines that span more than 2 pages then text goes missing between pages 2 & 3 of the line.

    The line does in fact only have to be slightly longer than 1 page but it has to fall in such a way as to span the bottom of one all of a second and the top of the third page.

    Having it confirmed that anyone else can repeat this would be a great help as I am considering dipping into the code myself to look for it.


  • @RHscitech

    I can confirm your findings.
    I did a similar test with a 4 digit number which increases by 1 steadily
    and redirected to pdf printer.

    As you see, I’m missing numbers as well.
    The test was done to print 0001 to 9999
    but only 4 pages containing
    P1 = 0001 - 0832 (ok)
    P2 = 0833 - 1664 (ok)
    P3 =2497 - 3328 (gap)
    P4 = 5825 - 6656 (gap) (rest missing)
    were generated


    For any interest, used python script is

    for i in range(1,10000): 
        s += '{:>04} '.format(i)

  • Thanks for confirming.

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