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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to surround selected text with quotes? I have tried few plugins but none of them is performing this task… Its really easy with brackets but i have RTL text and brackets is not doing well with that. Here is a question on superuser. but solution is not working. I have just spent about an hour for solution but nothing found so far. Would appreciate any help.

  • @Key7i

    I would have suggested the macro solution as well as I used it also and it was working for me.
    What issue did you encounter using this solution?


  • Thanks @Claudia-Frank for quick reply. If it works for you then i think i’m using it wrong. I haven’t used macros before. Here’s what i did.

    1. I selected multiple paragraphs.
    2. Started macros recording
    3. Used CTRL+X to cut text.
    4. I’m not sure how to use this step as mentioned on superuser. So I pasted that text in a different editor and included quotes around it. Pasted it back in n++ on same place.
    5. Stopped macros.
    6. Selected next few paragraphs and played macros but it didn’t do anything.

    I even tried to use ‘[’ Text here ‘]’ as mentioned on superuser but same result. Can you please explain how to do it properly. So i can select next paragraphs and playing macros add quotes. Thanks.

  • @Key7i

    Mostly correct,

    1. Select multiple paragraphs
    2. Start macro recording
    3. Use CTRL+X to cut text

    Now you should see that your selection has disappeared, correct?
    CTRL+X cuts the text and puts it into the clipboard.

    1. Type your first quote where the current cursor is (same editor)
    2. CTLR+V (now you should see the quote and the previously selected text)
    3. Type the second quote (now you should have what you want)
    4. Stop recording

    Now select another text and press play macro -> you should see that
    this selection has been encased by the quotes as well. If this works you can do

    1. Save macro

    Then you would see under menu Macro the name you choose and it will do this action again if you click on it.


  • Thanks @Claudia-Frank for explaining. Macro is working fine now…
    And thanks @dail . yes. that is the one.


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