Help with manually configuring theme

  • I do not have admin rights on my computer, nor do I have any themes installed. I can’t directly edit styles.model.xml

    I would like to set up my default theme to match one of themoes already out there. The problem is when I go into the Styles Configurator, I don’t understand how the information in the XML corresponds to the menu. Example: the second style in the XML is “FUNCTION” and the second is “PREPROCESSOR”
    Where do I find these and everything else by going through the Styles Configurator menu system? Has someone already mapped this out?

    I found FUNCTION and PREPROCESSOR under Language ActionScript and Language autoIt. If say I was matching the Deep Black xml set up, would I have to change the FUNCTION and PREPROCESSOR in both ActionScript and autoIt?

    The XML has hundreds of lines and I realize doing this manually will take some time.

  • Never mind. I figured it out. XML tells you where in Style Configurator to find settings.

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