Notepad++ hangs when coverting line endings

  • Hi!

    I’m converting line endings of some files, from CR to LF (Mac to UNIX). Some of them are being converted correctly, but when I perform the action with some others files, Notepad++ hangs.

    Here there is an example file:
    Open the CSV, and go to “Edit”, “Line ending conversion”, “to UNIX” (labels may differ, I’m translating from my language). At this step, Notepad++ stops working.

    I’m using the latest version (7.4.1, x64).

    Can anyone check if this is a bug or it’s only hanging on my computer? Thanks!!

  • I checked and on my machine your example file hang Notepad++. But when I started cut your file to smaller one then I figured out that operation just take some “huge” time to convert EOL. On my machine conversion of 16000 lines took about 5 seconds. So you have about 1 000 000 lines so it will takes much more

    I converted this file to UNIX (LF) successfully with other text editor without any “hangs”

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