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  • Hi everyone, thank you for helping me solve the problem that I have. I need to put a point in the middle of a figure of six numbers, without changing the data on the right. The total data to modify is 1689 cells. Find and Replace. For example
    430056;; -105 430.056;; -105
    438900;; -104 438.900;;-104

    Than you very mach

  • @Jesus-Heras

    a solution depends on the layout of the real data.
    If you just have one column of 6 digit numbers than a possible
    solution is

    • put the cursor to the place you want in the first line
    • scroll to the last line (do not move the cursor)
    • press SHIFT+ALT and click with the mouse to the position in the last line

    this activate the column mode - press your dot key - done

    A possible S/R is by using the regular expression
    Find what:


    Replace with:


    Done, but as said, depends on the real data.


  • Ohhh Claudia Thank you, many thanks from Spain!!!
    The formula works perfectly and press shift + alt… also
    Thank you very much…Have a nice day

    Greetings from Spain!!!


  • @Jesus-Heras

    ¡De nada!


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