Can I use "save as" with text saved to the clipboard within a macro?


    I’m trying to use “save as” within a macro but it is not working. Within the macro, I’m invoking the “save as” using the keystroke shortcut. The new name for the file is from a cut/paste of text within the file. This “cut/paste + save as” sequence works while recording but does not get preserved after the macro is saved then played back. In other words, when I playback the macro, the other changes within the macro occur, but the “save as” does not occur.

    The macro does a bunch of text manipulation and reformatting, along with saving off the file with the new name. I run the macro against a number of changed files on a regular basis.

    Perhaps there is another way within the macro to save the file based on the contents of some text in the file?

    Thanks and have a great day!

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