UDL comment folding problem for EOL (LF)

  • I use newest npp and I have problem with UDL and comment folding (Open { and Close }) . Everything is fine for EOL (CR LF) but when I change EOL to (LF) then I see that is bad region selected:
    CRLF link text
    LF link text

    I can provide UDL file and example file. Just give me a sign.

  • After many tests and checks I figured out what causing the problem. Its happen only when EOL i Unix type (LF).
    To reproduce error following things must be set in UDL.

    1. Folding in code 1 style
      Open {
      Close }
    2. Delimiter 1 style
      Open "
      Close "
    3. save UDL as you like and use it at new tab then write simple example
    4. Now go to Edit->EOL Conversion->Windows (CR LF) and then choose Edit->EOL Conversion->Unix (LF) amd you should see a problem

  • @asman2000

    it looks like it is also related to the delimiter.
    Using your latest example, if I add a space after each “a” it is set correctly.
    And if you play with removing this space you see the opening folding sign jumping.


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