how to save as html

  • hi. iwant to ask , how could i save my work in html form?

  • @Barbi-Bölcsová

    I don’t really understand the question.
    Is it about having the html extension displayed when using the save dialog
    then you might uncheck Settings->Preferences->Default Directory->use new style save dialog if it isn’t, then maybe you can clarify what you exactly want to do.


  • Barbitsa

    You might want to look at Plugins -> NppExport -> Export to HTML

    Peace be with you and this community!

  • go to File then save as put it in the file where you want it. Click the down arrow on that window and click save as type click html

  • There are big diferences between the two HTML options in Notepad++.

    1. When Save As, then type HTML, Notepad++ leaves the file as plain text; it only adds the .html extension. The browser treats it as such and doesn’t add anything (e.g. new lines, paragraphs):

    2. When Export to HTML (in Plugins), Notepad++ adds some HTML features to the plain text file. The page will show end of lines, paragraphs:

    You can use whichever style you prefer; the lone restriction is that the same character must be used to open and close an emphasis span.

    1. Notepad++, however, is not an HTML editor of choice. It only creates primitive HTML files. You need a lot of manual work to format your Web page. Personally, I use a dedicated HTML editor released in the 1990s: Arachnophilia. It has worked on Windows 95, and all the way to 64-bity Wimndows 10. It adds a lot of tags for me, plus the code is very clean.

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