Shortcut key or toolbar button to quickly toggle Document List Panel?

  • Hi All,

    The only way I have found to show the Document List Panel is by going to Settings->Preferences->Document List Panel->click on Show. When I want to temporarily recover the real estate taken up by the panel, I’ll click on the “x” in the upper right to close it. Then when I want to show the Document List Panel again, I have to go through Settings again. There’s got to be a quicker way. :D

    I’ve looked at Settings->Shortcut Mapper, and the Customize Toolbar plugin, but don’t see a way to do this. If I had to choose, I’d like to be able to have a toolbar button to toggle it.

    This seems like an odd omission considering how customizable Notepad++ is in other respects, but maybe there’s a reason there’s been no toggle in the past?

    This was asked in Escape Key for the Document Switcher (Ctrl+TAB) but that thread ultimately had a different solution.

  • I was actually looking for this feature and I couldn’t even find it or knew it existed until I came here to the n++ community and searched and found the OP… I may not even have found anything if not posted 38 minutes ago… (do your own search for “document list” and see what you find if it not the OP – list?in=titlesposts)

    Anyways, this should even be a preference, this should be found under /View, right next to [Document Map].

    Long time TextPad user, who might press F11 but never actually has, since “Document Selector” has always been on and actually a default.

  • I’m using the LuaScript plugin with the following code in the startup.lua:

    npp.AddShortcut("Toggle Doc Switcher", "", function()
        npp:ShowDocSwitcher( not npp:IsDocSwitcherShown() )

    and added a button to the toolbar using the CustomizeToolbar plugin but you could also define a shortcut as second parameter to AddShortcut in the code above.

  • Hi @MAPJe71,

    Thank you for this! i want to try it out. I’ve never used the LuaScript plugin before. I’ve installed it but where do I find startup.lua?

  • Plugins - LuaScript - Edit Startup Script.

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