How to let jsx file highlight in notepad++ ?

  • How to achieve notepad ++ jsx file syntax highlighting? In fact, I have written an xml file so that it is enough to achieve a bright, but there is a problem can not be resolved, that is, as in the html file as the focus in the label when it makes it the end of the label is also highlighted. I have tried a lot of ways to always solve this problem. Without this feature will make compiling complex nested tags become terrible.

    I really like notepad ++, always feel it is right for me, so please do not talk to me to use that sublimeText … I think there will certainly be a lot of jsx users like me with the trouble in this question, hope i can be here Find a solution.

    I do not know how to send a file or picture here, so I put my jsx.xml file and highlight the screenshot are github above, the following is the link address.


    In fact, I am not good at English, I hope someone can understand what I am saying.

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