Switching from ATOM.IO Need the following

  • Hi I am making the switch from ATOM.io to notepad++, because atom.io has become to unstable for developers, many of the plugins have stopped working, or no longer behaving the way they did before.

    However these are the features I need, I understand that notepad++ does have ftp, which I have been using with no issue. However I want to save a local copy of each file when I make a change. In Atom.io you have projects, which are local, and then you would use remote-ftp plugin to sync the changes you make on the local computer to the server.

    I am wondering if there is anything like that for Notepad++?

  • I can’t answer for Notepad++, but this looks like it could be squashed with version control (git). Save to local repo, push to remotes. Can use SourceTree git GUI to make it easier/faster.

  • @Russell-Harrower

    the docu what can be done.


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