Pasting HTML format text from clipboard

  • Is there a plugin that will enable pasting into Notepad++ “HTML formatted text” from the clipboard.
    currently paste is just plain text. (& paste special see below)


    1. I have a webpage in firefox, I copy a section of the page text (its now in the x32 clipboard)
    2. Paste into Notepad++ is just plain text loses formatting (font size, bold etc…)

    If I paste into: example word the formatting is retained.

    I tried… “Paste Special”, “Paste HTML Content” but it paste’s the HTML code & not formatted text I copied.


  • @Toni-Graham

    I’m not aware of a plugin which is able to do this but this
    doesn’t mean there isn’t one available.
    The underlying scintilla control is responsible for doing, what it called, styling.
    In order to make this work, one has to program a so called lexer.
    This lexer is than responsible to set all the attributes, like font name, size, boldness …

    What confuses me is this sentence you wrote

    If I paste into: example word the formatting is retained.

    What does that mean?


  • word is a reference to Microsoft Word. Notepad++ is not a word processor!

    There is, however, an old HTML editor of the 1990s: Arachnophilia. I still use it, as it adds tags for me (e.g. select text, then press Ctrl+I to emphasize). I copy-and-paste from Word, for example, to Arachnophilia: the formatting is preserved. Then, when I see bold text, I simply select the text in Arachnophilia and press Ctrl+B, etc.

    Maybe Claudia can write such a useful plug-in.
    “Plug it in, plug it in!” is a popular ad for air fresheners on American TV.

    Peace be with you and this community!

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