Plugin Idea

  • Hey everyone, I have an idea for a plugin: to merge multiple lines of text into one line of text, as a spoiler almost. I am not a C++/C# or visual basic coder, I just code in cmd/batch so I can’t make it myself. The general idea is to save a lot of space and easily open it up. You can give it a title, maybe even a description. I linked a few photos that I made in ms paint of how I would expect it to look like, one collapsed, expanded, previewed, and creating a spoiler:
    Spoiler Images

  • @af-chlam

    it is not that easy because npp is a text editor and it handles the text like it is.
    What you want needs to add some additional format tags which need to be saved somewhere
    but obviously not in the text file itself.

    So, in theory, a plugin must not only know how to manipulate the document in that way but also
    has to know which document has been formatted with some spoiler text already,
    in order to make it happen on reload again. So it must store the status for that document.
    But what happens if someone outside changes the document?? You see, not that easy.