Converting to plain text?

  • It might be really obvious, but how do I convert my stuff into plain text? Any help appreciated, thanks.

  • @BurgerFries

    without knowing which format you try to convert as “plain text”,
    it is hard to tell what you need to do, or if it is even possible at all.


  • Burgitser

    The default for saving a New file is Normal text file (**.txt)*.

    Look in Menu -> Save As -> then look at the second line: Save as type. You select in that box from a variety of file formats. Normal text file (* .txt) is in the second line. I like the first choice in that box: All types. It comes in handy when I want to save a file in text format, but I don’t want the .txt extension added automatically.

    Peace be with you and this community!

  • When saving, save name[dot], E.g. xxx. and file will be named xxx rather than xxx.txt.

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