Notepad++ 7.4.2 release

  • Per Pasgaard ,

    Go to preferences/MISC and turn off both entries in the ‘Document Peeker’ box. Why anyone would want these enabled is beyond me!


  • @just-a-Citizen said:

    I use np++ since years and appreciate the hard work. The newest version has the resizable Search Dialog, which is nice. But in previous versions the text on the buttons were readable in german. See the new version with german translation:

    Thanks, i was just about to report that as well. Reverting back to 7.3.3. now. Not a big fan of this new feature in general.

  • Highlight section, find (ctrl-F) in selection check box is not showing.
    It only showed on Mark tab

  • I’m running 7.4.2 at this point and still can’t use Replace In Files. It’s just repeatedly giving me the Unknown Exception. I don’t see any others in here stating this, so I’ll just try reinstalling.

  • Opening the search dialog now has a funny behaviour …

    • highlight a line with CR/LF or LF or CR (depending on EOL settings)
    • hit Ctrl-F (or Search-Find)
    • the search dialog opens with an “invisible” EOL
    • in some versions past, Notepad++ used the “Search Mode” to translate EOL and other special characters … this is also no longer in effect

    That invisible EOL is quite bad … especially when you aren’t aware of that, changing to “RegExp”, adding “\n” and nothing is found as there was no empty line after the searched text.

  • Found an annoying though minor bug in 7.4.2. It’s probably been around for a while.
    Editing a 1000+ line CSS file, if I have line 1000 at the bottom of the NPP window, that tab-view shutters like crazy as it tries to reconcile the width of the line-number column and horizontal scroll (I think). No other tab-views are affected. At first, I thought my video card was failing. I adjusted my Npp app width and not only did it go away, but I can’t reproduce it.

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