Notepad++ automatically coloring whole lines - which PlugIn is doing that?

  • Hi everybody!

    I have a new Windows Installation on my SSD now and I copied over all PlugIns and following files from my old Windows Installation to the new one on my SSD:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\
    • C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\

    But now Notepad++ keeps automatically coloring/highlighting whole lines right after I press the Enter/Return key.
    I could remove all PlugIns one by one to see which one is causing this, but with so may installed PlugIns this would take much time

    So, does anybody know which PlugIn is responsible for the coloring/highlighting?
    Thanks in advance.

    Below is a list of my installed PlugIns and a screen capture of the effect I am talking about:

    PlugIn list
    Screen Capture

  • My guess is that somehow Enable Global background colour got selected in Style Configurator -> Global Styles

  • Hello, @pete-wright,

    I suppose that you, probably, use the ChangeMarker plugin, which is responsible of the colouring. Refer to the page :

    This plugin may be downloaded, from the address :

    The latest version is 2015-01-13, v1.2.2_Rebuild

    In addition, when new changes are saved, the dark orange colouring is changed into a pale green colouring

    Note that you may modify the colours of not saved and/or saved lines, easily :

    • Choose the menu option Settings > Configurator…

    • Choose the Change Marks language, at the end of the drop-down Language list

    • You may modify, either, the colours of the Changes: Saved and Changes: Not Saved styles

    Colouring may have four different forms :

    • A vertical mark, in the Line Number margin, for the changed or saved line

    • A vertical mark, in the Bookmark margin margin, for the changed or saved line

    • A vertical mark, in the Change Mark margin, for the changed or saved line

    • A complete highlight of the Unsaved or Saved line

    Best Regards,