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  • Hello

    I was used to using the 1.5.x plugin and therefore I opened 2 files and compared them.
    When I opened a new file, it was placed on the right-hand side of the screen (next to the file already opened and compared) and it automatically placed on the same line (same number) as the other files

    With the 2.x.x plugin, the new file is always at line 1, even if the other files are on a different line

    What is the option to find the same as 1.5.x ?


    PS : sorry for my english

  • Hello @Baptiste-Bourne ,

    What is the option to find the same as 1.5.x ?

    I don’t understand that question, sorry.
    You’d like to have the described behavior of 1.5.x in 2.x.x version or the vice-versa?


  • Sorry for my late response
    Yes, that’s it, I want to have the same behavior of version 1.5 (32bits) in version 2.0 (64bits)
    In fact, just this “behavior”

    Thanks so much

  • Hello again @Baptiste-Bourne ,

    The behavior of version 1.5.x is actually not logical at all and can be considered a minor bug. The new opened file has nothing to do with the compared files and there is no reason at all why it should be opened at the line they are currently at. If you’d like to go to the same line then you’ll have to manually do so (use ‘CTRL-G’ in N++ and type the line you want).
    Thanks for writing and sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Thanks for your reply
    Too bad, it was really good as “behavior”

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